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Some of our most common questions answered right here: how is the material so soft? What size will fit me just right? Can i justify the price? How does try before you buy work?

And our favourite question: But I just dont wear pyjamas?

What makes the material so soft? 

We use natural fibres of Lenzing certified Tencel and Modal to give the fabric a silky smooth touch but breathable and stretchy attributes. Customers call this fabric “Magic"

Should we size up or down on the pants? 

All of our bottoms are made slightly looser so you can feel free to size down if you like! However we also have draw cords in case they're a little big so you can't go wrong either way!

Is it worth the money? 

We asked our customers how often they wear their Slouchies and they responded with an average of 4 waking hours per day (if we include sleep that's 50% of their day exactly). 50% of your day is maximised comfort. So we can absolutely guarantee that you will get your money's worth!

What do you mean "try it first before you buy it"? 

We will happily issue a 100% refund if you aren't happy with the product. Just contact our support email for any questions!

Is there a bundle to buy and save? 

Yes, if you add any top with your pants or shorts you will receive 10% off! Do you make mainly for guys or girls? Our products are for everyone. We have men's shorts, women's shorts and unisex pants.

I don't usually wear Pyjamas? 

Our most common concern and get ready... We didn't actually make these for sleeping in. We made these for lounging around in, working from home, your after shower uniform etc. We made Slouchwear to be simply the only thing you'll want to wear at home.